Princess Fillers- My life changing experience.

My name is Rachael. I am a mother of 3 kids. I live in Alaska. Like all the other women I sacrificed my present for the future of my children.

Everyone use to say that my lips are not good and they are so small. Because of that, my face looks were not so attractive because they never suit me accordingly.

And after 7 months my sister was also getting married and I want to look best in her wedding but I was not sure what should I do and Then one day my friend recommended me about Princess Fillers.

She told me to consult any dermatologist and book an appoint for myself. I searched for some doctors and after many research, I finally found one.

I went to their clinic and they explained to me the whole process very nicely. Each and every one was very helpful there. In the first meeting, they checked all the do’s and don’ts of their treatment according to my requirement.

Then they told gave me an appointment of the day after tomorrow. And told me to everything will be ok in the end.

Finally, the treatment day arrived and I was very worried because I was not ready to afford any other problem.

Anyway, my number came and I went inside the clinic. They told me to feel relaxed and then they injected some injections into my lips to increase their size it was a little painful but not that much because of the lidocaine which made my lips numb and to be honest it was more of a satisfying feeling.

Then in the second meeting, they checked the progress of the first treatment and started the next step and injected some more injections for the stability of their process and they gave me some good advice and some tips to take care of as well.

 Now comes the last day, so in the final meeting, they completed their process and gave proper shape to the lips and remove the swelling and the moment I saw myself in the mirror, I cannot explain that feeling.

I was looking so beautiful and attractive and the confidence that I lost years ago that I am not beautiful, came back all of a sudden. And I was very excited to show the results to my family.

 And people told me that I was looking very nice on my sister’s wedding day and more of that my husband was satisfied because he’s someone you cannot satisfy easily.

 Now I am blessed with perfect size lips which suit my face. I can confidently go out on parties with my husband and kids.  I would like to thank Princess Fillers for changing my life. I recommend this to everyone. Give them a try.

Being a woman I would say I’m very happy after using Princess Fillers. I would like to thank Princess Fillers for changing my life. And would proudly recommend this to everyone. You all should give it a try.

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