Whenever we discuss about kitchen and household products we always look for prime attributes, quality and durability, these are the things that worries us the most. Nobody needs a machine with bundle of characteristics but lacks longevity and isn’t made for everyday use. Blender is one of the most vital appliances with regards to kitchen utensils and these days it is difficult to locate a preeminent quality blender.

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The Vitamix blender Series was designed to give the best outlook from the back to front. The primary thing clients will see is the cutting edge item structure that looks smooth and futuristic from each edge. Browse standard hues Black, White, Red, and Slate with the A2300 and A2500, or move up to Brushed Stainless or a metallic paint get done with the A3300 and A3500.

  • Single Touch:

Present day and advanced, the A3300 and A3500 offer a scratch-safe touchscreen that effectively cleans off.

  • Time your Blends:

A Digital timer is the new built in feature, enlivened by recommendations from current Vitamix proprietors. The computerized timer will assist you with making impeccable textures each time by showing how long your mix has been handled. Programmable clocks are additionally accessible in the A3300 and A3500, which will mix your ingredients for the time you’ve entered and stop the machine spontaneously.

  • Mouthwatering Smoothies:

Make your own scrumptious smoothies with a similar blender brand on which top national smoothie chains count on. Regardless of whether you’re need of an invigorating tropical smoothie or a green smoothie pressed with supplements, there are a lot of solid plans to look upon.

  • Pound Nut Butter:

Making your own regular, additive free nut spreads is so simple now. Choose from an assortment of flavors for sandwiches, healthy snacks, nutty spread smoothie or natural product plunges. Additionally, every Ascent Series blender accompanies a hard backed recipe book with a bunch of Methods and techniques to assist you with capitalizing on your new machine and make plans that will Amaze and please your loved ones.


Vitamix 5300 is perhaps the most trusted blender and its additional attributes has further helped it make its grinding method the fastest among its peers. The Pulse feature is the best thing about this blender. This component makes smooth purees for healthier plans or thick vegetable soups. Additionally, the position of safety 64-ounce vessel is ideal for family and effectively fits within your kitchen. The solidified treated steel cutting edges are intended to deal with the hardest fixings.

  • Handy 64-ounce Container: Perfect for family suppers and engaging, while at the same time fitting easily in most kitchen cupboards.
  • Self Sufficient Cleaning: With a drop of dish cleanser and warm water, your Vitamix blender can clean itself within 60 seconds.
  • Solidified Stainless-Steel Blades: Airplane grade treated steel sharp edges are intended to deal with the hardest materials, so from the main mix to the last, you get a similar quality outcome.

These are just some the features that puts Vitamix 5300 to another pedestal!