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Everyone wants have a fit and healthy body and in shape for which many of people join Gym and many of people buy fitness machines. In this pandemic situation of Covid 19 and this lockdown situation almost all the places were closed and only few shops and stores were open and all of the gyms were closed. I was getting fat and I wanted to control it but was unable as all the gyms were closed so I decided to buy gym machinery and things. Thanks to Sports tech for helping me get the best machinery and appliances for cheap price through 40% Off Sportstech Gutscheincode on

 All I care about is my diet my skin and my body. In this pandemic situation of Covid 19 as all of the store and places were closed because of this deadly virus. In this lock down I used to stay at my place and chill as I had nothing to do I used to stay at home watch movies listen songs and eat food because of which I started to gain mass and my weight was increasing day by day. In the beginning I kept on ignoring it as I had planned to work out later and lose the weight but when the lock down got extended and I was getting fatter day by day.

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