Hi girls and Pomeranian lovers, my name is Sara James and I am 22 years old living in the old city of Leeds. My family belong to London and I shifted to Leeds after completion of my studies for my first job as school teacher.   I wish to share my story of how I get my childhood dream of having a dog and how I am able to meet the basic needs of the dog through BarkShop which are offering everything that a dog and pup required with 50% Off on BarkShop Coupon Codes.

We used to live in an Apartment at Central London and having two more sisters and brother.  My parents are both working for a school as Teachers and obviously they are more focused on our studies and nothing extra curricular is allowed to any of us. 

We are all good in studies and I being the eldest, have to take care of my younger sisters and brother as well.   It was a robotic and routine life that we are dealing with, and I want some change or adventure in my life.  One of my dream is to have a dog as I love animals more than anybody.  However, my parents never allowed me to have a pup, as they either don’t like pups or not wanted any animal in the apartment.  Once I asked my mother about their denial and she told me that if we would have a bungalow, we would have allowed you to have a pup but in a small apartment, it would not be feasible to have dog with six people.

After the studies, I got an offer of School Teacher at a well reputed school at Leeds, which are offering accomodation as well besides attractive package.  However, I have to take permission from my parents for this assignment, which the did and I start packing and planning for my future endeavors.

I was received at the airport by the School Adminstration and transferred to a separate portion within the school premises.  It was a two room place with parking and garden as well and the entrance is separate from the school.  At first sight, I am dreaming about my dog, which would be an ultimate friend for me in this new city.

After a week, I take permission from the School Administration and start searching a Pomeranian.  One of my German colleagues has promised me to arrange the Pomeranian for me as soon as possible. After one month, she surprised me with a beautiful white Pomeranian, which looks very friendly.   I wanted to pay her the price for the dog, but she refused and said that it’s a gift or me from a German friend.  What can I ask more than the dream comes true.   However, when I wake up in the morning, I have no clue of the dog diet and accessories required for him to be happy. 

I immediately contacted the BarkShop page and ordered some toys, treats, biscuits, chews and BarkBox and request them for urgent delivery. The goods were delivered in the evening and I have nothing more important work than to open the boxes with my dog.  The Pomeranian is happy playing with Ball Wreath and the Ness Monster and I take a breath that this hurdle is also crossed with the help of BarkShop.

It was a dream come true for me at Leeds and I thank the city colleagues for arranging a cute Pomeranian and thank to BarkShop for providing the basic but necessary items for the dog.

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